The Vital Importance of Posture Correctors for Your Health

How closely connected is your health to the way you sit in a chair? It may surprise you to learn that your entire posture can cause your health and happiness to diminish greatly.

Not only is standing erect great for your back, but your emotional state changes as well. Posture correctors allow a person to change internally as well as physically.

Let’s take a look at why correcting and maintaining a good one is vital to your health.

1. Happiness and Depression

If I told you that your posture could cause you to be happy or depressed, would you believe me? An astonishing study conducted in San Francisco showed that people that walk slouched over are more depressed.

In fact, the study indicated that if you are already depressed, the depression will become even more prominent if you slouch.

Energy levels of participants also dropped as a result. This shows that posture has a direct effect on your happiness. Correcting this issue leads to emotional happiness and far more energy as a result.

2. Reduces Back Pain

How many hours a day do you spend in front of a computer? With most jobs requiring you sit in chairs all day, an immense strain is being put on your back. The longer you sit slouched over, the more pressure you are putting on your back and eventually, you may find that pain sets in.

Maintaining good posture and using a corrector can lead to less overall pain and less potential future pains. Back pain is often a direct result of an action you take no matter whether you’re sitting slouched or lifting a heavy object off of the ground incorrectly.

If proper position is kept at all times, these mishaps or pains can be eradicated. If you want to remain back pain-free, good posture is of the utmost importance. Check out our 6 effective exercises for lower back pain, make sure you do them daily!

3. Deformity Realignment

Scoliosis and other back deformities can leave you with a crocked spine. While slight deformities may not cause issues, these deformities can lead to severe pain when you get older or cause you to become disabled in severe cases.

Corrective devices force the spine to go back into a neutral position. This may cause you to realign naturally in slight cases, but not in advanced cases. When kept in proper alignment, your back will not become more deformed.

There is also a possibility, depending on the severity of the issue, of actually causing the curvature of the spine to revert back into a neutral position.

4. Easier Digestion

Who would have thought that slouching can have an effect on your bowel movements? When you slouch over, your organs fold and cause disrupt your body’s digestive process. This not only leads to stomach discomfort, but can really back you up.

By correcting your stance, you eliminate these digestive disruptions. This results in a more normal bowel movement schedule and allows you to remove the bloating or constipation that you feel.

5. Easier Breathing

Much like your digestive system, your lungs are also constricted due to bad posture. This causes you to feel less energetic, results in shallow breaths and ultimately leads you to not have sufficient oxygen. This is such a problem that athletes and even singers train to maintain good posture at all times.

Slouching also results in the constriction of blood flow. When you are slouched, the blood has a much harder time reaching your muscles and other organs. This causes the heart to work feverishly to pump more blood so that your entire body is adequately supplied with blood.

Removing slouching from the equation results in the reverse effect. The lungs are able to bring in far more oxygen and the heart is able to pump blood with ease. This will result in your body having to work less to supply the oxygen and blood it needs to operate efficiently.

Easier breathing will enhance your life greatly and is also immediately seen once your posture is corrected.

This process is always a work in progress. By using a brace or corrector, you can enhance your health greatly.

Over time, you will retrain your body so that a corrective device may not even be needed. Oftentimes, weeks are all that is needed to reverse the effects of bad posture on your body.

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