Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table Review: Should You Get One?

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy TableBody Max, the maker of the IT8070, has created one of the most affordable inversion tables on the market.

While some manufacturers prefer to offer cheaper products that sacrifice overall quality, Body Max is definitely not one of them.

The real question to ask is why you shouldn’t try this table. The Body Champ IT8070 could easily be sold for double the price, but it is perfectly priced well below the competition and simply excels in every feature it provides.

Are there any faults? Sure, but they are minor at best and we will be discussing them all.

The IT8070 Features

All of the basic features and comforts seen with tables twice this price are seen. In fact, this table may exceed your expectations in features.

  • A pull pin system is used for easy ankle adjustment
  • Easy inverted degree adjustment thanks to the safety strap
  • A safety lock keeps the table in place once the desired inversion angle is met
  • U-shaped handles allow for easy movement of this model
  • A 250-pound weight limit
  • A total weight of 46 pounds
  • High density foam cushions

Why You Should Get One

Back and joint pain are enough of a reason to try inversion therapy. After all, back pain can become unbearable and will leave you hunched over in pain, which simply puts more stress on your back. The IT8070 is ideal because it is designed to perfection and comes at an unbeatable price.

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The assembly of this model is very easy. The instructions provided are clear, and only a few bolts need to be inserted and tightened to completely assemble this unit.

Once fully assembled, you can begin to try out your table, but first you will want to adjust the height. This is done by using the dual-pin system that allows for a height as small as 4’7” to as tall as 6’8”. This is much taller than most models with an average height of a mere 6’6”.

The ankle adjustments will come next and are very important to get correct. When inverted, all of your weight will be put on your ankles so you want to ensure that the fit is perfect before getting started.

This is done by using the spring-loaded pull pin. Simply pull up the pin and adjust the ankle cushion to your desired position. As you will notice, the thick foam seen on the ankle cushion will add to your overall comfort.

Adjusting the overall angle is very easy thanks to the safety strap provided. Simply attach the strap to the desired angle setting and make sure that it is locked in place. Once done, you can finally give the table a try.

First-time users may feel a little dizzy and will want to avoid inverting into a full 180 degree position. Instead, allow your body to adjust to the upside down position by going slowly over the course of a few days. This is recommended by every manufacturer and is something you must listen to.

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When lowering, hold onto the U-shaped handles to control yourself when going down. These handles are extremely comfortable and they are also grip enhanced. Even if this is done after an intense workout, you will notice that your hands do not slip at all when holding on to the handles.

Inversion therapy should be done 5 – 10 minutes a day to see maximum results.

The great thing about this table is that it neatly packs away. Fold up the table and place in in the closet or in a corner. You probably can’t fit this model under your bed.

One Small Complaint

Most tables are rated at 300 pounds being the max capacity. This table, however, only has a 250 pound capacity. Is this a deal breaker? Absolutely not – unless you exceed the specified weight limit. In that case, you will, unfortunately, not be able to use this table safely.

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The Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table has everything you could want from comfort to adjustments and a price that makes this table almost impossible not to buy.

The results are spectacular and only takes a few days before they are seen. With a very thick cushioning, your ankles are well protected and there is no pain seen when inverting for the recommended 5 minutes. The IT8070 is a low-priced model that’s hard to beat and is the perfect choice for anyone on a budget.