6 Interesting Reasons to Buy a Ball Chair

ball chair imageBall chairs are a relatively new fad and have been gaining a lot of traction lately. With people working longer than ever before while sitting down, ball chairs attempt to engage more muscles than an ordinary chair, promote proper posture and do all of this in a fashionable way.

Not only are ball chairs the optimal choice for sitting, but these chairs are affordable as well.

Before you run out the door and try finding a ball chair, let’s uncover some of the reasons you will want to buy one today.

1. Better Posture

As you are reading this, pay attention to your back and current posture. More people will be slouched over and not maintaining the best posture.

This will lead to future back problems and will put undue stress on the spinal column. If you are older or have had an injury in the past, you will probably already be feeling the aches and pains associated with bad posture.

Ball chairs do not let you slouch over. Instead, these chairs promote erect backs and will practically force you to sit upright at all times. Once slouching occurs, you will notice an unsteady feeling that will make you ultimately lose balance if not corrected.

2. Muscle Engaging

Sitting in a normal chair will allow you to lean back using your bottom as stabilization with very little stabilization needed from your core. Sitting on a ball will engage your muscles so that you do not fall off the chair or slouch. A few of the many muscles engaged are:

  • Abdominals
  • Obliques
  • Back

All of these muscles will need to help you stabilize yourself on the chair. Your legs and hips will also slightly engage to ensure that you stay erect the whole time.

Some users will even choose to do sit-ups or crunches on their break for added benefits.

3. Improved Balance

How good is your balance? If you are like most people, you probably work out your arms, legs and abs at the gym, but you probably neglect muscles needed for balance. When on a ball, you will be strengthening your entire core, which adds greatly to your overall balance.

Your hips are also working to keep you balanced as well as your back. For older users, this is a major concern as you age and one that should be a major factor in your decision of whether or not to switch chairs.

4. Burn More Calories

How many calories do you think that you burn when sitting in your regular chair all day? The average person will burn 78 calories per hour when sitting on a normal 8 hour work day. This comes out to only 620 calories in a given day which is not much at all.

Studies have shown that sitting on a ball burns on average 6 percent more calories than a normal chair. While this may not seem like much at first, the extra calories burned will help you trim your waistline over time resulting in a fitter, healthier you.

5. Gain Energy

Unfortunately, sitting down for an extended period will eventually lead to feeling drained or out of energy. If you are like most people, after lunch, you start getting tired and simply cannot wait to go home after work. Well, most of this tiredness is caused by lack of movement.

A ball forces your muscles to be active. This activity will keep you awake all throughout the day and ultimately lead to a boost in productivity and energy.

6. Never Get Restless

Sitting down can literally be a pain in the butt. Your blood stays stagnant and not moving leads to cramps and restlessness. Ultimately, sitting is simply not what you were designed to do.

Repositioning is practically forced when on a ball and will keep you from feeling restless. You will switch positions or move without even realizing it, resulting in a lower feeling of restlessness. This is ideal for anyone that needs to stand up often and stretch or go for a brisk walk during the day.

A lowered feeling of being restless will allow you to remain focused at work or when sitting at the table doing homework.

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