5 Plantar Fasciitis Shoes You Need To Consider

Plantar fasciitis is painful and can leave you dreading taking your first few steps wondering when the pain will subside. The truth is that without a proper shoe change, this pain may continue to exist until you make drastic changes.

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If you are a runner, this may mean that you have to completely stop running to alleviate the pain felt. For most people, it is enough to buy plantar fasciitis shoes that are specifically designed to add more padding to the heel.

1. Women’s Orthaheel, Walker athletic Shoe

Meant for women, the Orthaheel looks like a normal sneaker, but it is made for maximum comfort and support. The real benefit to this shoe comes from the motion-controlling footbed. This adds arch support and helps you with your stride while providing a deep heel support that stops plantar fasciitis.

Made from leather, this shoe is water-resistant and sizes 5 – 11 are seen. For active sneakers that are comfortable, affordable and get the job done, this is the shoe for you.

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2. Vionic with Orthaheel Julie II

Another amazing shoe that has Orthaheel technology built in. When fashion is a must and sneakers will simply not due, the Julie II is the perfect choice. Available in a variety of colors, this shoe is stylish and has a flower design seen rising from the sandal’s strap.

The platform measures 0.5” to provide cushion for sore heels. As a shock absorbing shoe, impact on the knees and ankles when walking is eliminated with the Vionic.

The deep heel cup is podiatrist-designed to ensure that your sandal never adds to the pain that you are experiencing. In fact, clinical studies have shown that these sandals relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Reviewing the comments, people from all walks of life have noted a severe reduction or complete elimination of pain that they had experienced.

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3. ORTHAHEEL Men’s Walker

Designed specifically for men. This shoe is both stylish and functional. The black look is sleek, allowing these sneakers to be used for running and outdoor use without worrying about them getting dirty in the process.

Much like our other models, there is a 0.5 inch elevation seen that will make heel striking easier and start to reduce pain felt when walking and running.

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Arch support is provided and a heel cup that is deemed allowed for proper heel striking without feeling pain in the process. The sole of the shoe is manmade so that it is always comfortable and crafted to perfection.

This shoe also comes in white and has a size range of men’s 7 – 13. Whether walking or playing tennis, these shoes will aid you in comfort and ensure your pain subsides quickly.

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4. Vionic Men’s Endurance Walking Shoes

Our second men’s-only shoe listed, the Vionic brand uses Orthaheel technology and has made an endurance shoe that is perfect for the avid walker. These shoes are very light and come in sizes 7 – 14 with 7 color choices.

Synthetic and mesh make up the majority of the shoe and repel water from entering the shoe. The upper portion is made of leather with a thick rubber outsole that absorbs shock when walking, running or jogging.

There is even an EVA midsole seen that boosts this shoe’s comfort level even further. The insole comes with a deep heel cup like the other Orthaheel shoes we have reviewed.

This deep heel forces you to realign your legs when walking helping to improve posture and ultimately eliminate pain felt when walking. The outsole also adds added slipping support which is ideal when running or playing sports.

Users have noted a steep decrease in pain after wearing these shoes for just one week.

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5. Crocs Unisex 10003 Relief Clog

Crocs are back in style, and the 10003 Relief is meant to provide comfort and support in the most stylish way possible. These crocs are different from our previously reviewed shoes simply because they are unisex.

Whether you are a man or woman, these shoes will conform to the contour of your foot and provide immense pain relief. Some reviewers even mentioned that their doctor recommended this shoe to them.

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Many color options are available, including black, two blues, pink, brown and navy. While only men’s sizes are listed, the company recommends choosing 2 sizes smaller than your normal size if you are a woman.

These crocs are 100 percent synthetic and are made to help with bunions, metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. Over 200 people have left reviews stating how well these relief clogs have worked for them.

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