Top 7 Benefits of Inversion Tables on Your Body and Mind

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Inversion tables are a great way to improve the health of your spine and find some relief from back pain. While inversion therapy isn’t a new concept, products designed for home use are still relatively new.

With tables becoming more and more affordable, more people are taking advantage of inversion therapy in their own homes. If you’re still on the fence about purchasing a table, consider these 7 benefits:

1. Back Pain Relief

One of the main reasons why people purchase inversion tables is to help them find relief from their back pain. These tables are a non-invasive, affordable way to improve or eliminate back pain.

When in an inverted position, gravity gently decompresses the spine and alleviates pressure. This gentle stretch separates the vertebrae and improves spinal health. As a result:

  • The discs become rehydrated
  • Nerve pressure is reduced
  • The spine is realigned
  • Tense muscles become relaxed

Using it for just a few minutes per day can greatly improve the health of your spine while giving you the back pain relief you crave.

2. Stress Relief

Tension and stress can cause pain in the back, neck and shoulders. When muscles tense up, they cause alignment issues in the spine and make it difficult for the body to eliminate toxins. At the same time, this extra tension causes nerve overstimulation.

Doctors believe that cramped and tense muscles are at least partly to blame for back pain, and stress is a major contributor to muscle tension. When in an inverted position, the muscles naturally relax and stress just seems to melt away. As blood circulation continues to improve in this position, stress is further eliminated.

3. Improved Join Health

The decompression experienced during inversion therapy helps keep the joints lubricated and also affects the pressure on the joint. This stimulates the synovial fluid, which provides joint cartilage with vital nutrients.

These fluids are what help improve shock absorption and improve the health of your joints. Keeping the joints fluid is particularly important for those who are aging as this helps maintain mobility.

4. Better Flexibility

When the body is flexible, blood, oxygen and nutrients are able to move freely. When the body is stiff, tight and tense, things come to a standstill and you start feeling stagnant and unhealthy. Tight muscles and inflexibility can also cause mobility and balance issues, which can lead to an injury.

When using an inversion table, you stretch your spine gently and increase its flexibility. You’re not only decompressing your joints, but also elongating your muscles and improving your mobility as a result.

Inverted positions also help realign the spine, and stretch out those muscles that have shortened because of poor posture. This is why so many people claim that they stand “taller” after an inversion therapy session.

5. Improved Core Strength

Inversion tables can often double as a core-strengthening piece of exercise of equipment. With the table in an angled or completely inverted position, you can perform crunches or sit ups to build your core abdominal strength.

Performing crunches in this position is far more effective and challenging than performing them on the floor. Just remember to keep safety in mind. If need be, you can still perform sit ups and crunches in a seated or slightly angled position using the table.

6. Better Circulation

When in an inverted position, blood circulation is greatly improved. Gravity affects both your blood flow and your organs, and hanging in an inverted position can help decongest the organs.

Because your body needs to work against gravity to maintain blood flow to the torso and legs, inversion therapy can greatly improve the circulation process by using gravity in your body’s favor.

7. Removes Toxins

Because the body’s blood flow is greatly improved when inverted, the lymphatic system becomes more efficient. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste and toxins from the body.

By improving the flow of lymph fluids, your body is able to remove toxins more efficiently, which can improve your overall health.

Most products on the market today are foldable, durable and affordable, which means you can take advantage of these benefits without having to break the bank.

No matter whether you’re looking for back pain relief or to improve joint health, inversion tables make a great addition to any home health regimen.

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