8 Best Wrist Braces & Supports to Beat the Pain

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Wrists take a lot of abuse on a daily basis. From typing to picking up a bag or pushing yourself off of the floor, you’ll apply pressure to your wrists that can leave you in pain and agony. The pain can be so intense that you’ll be up all night, or may have to avoid certain activities to ensure that the pain doesn’t flare up or get worse.

When you’re tired and want to beat the pain, wrist braces and supports will help you overcome these trying times.

We’ve reviewed the 8 best wrist braces and supports that you must try if you’re suffering from wrist pain:

Want to skip the detailed reviews and go straight to the list? Check it out:

1. Muller Fitted Right Wrist

Muller Fitted Right Wrist

Muller is a brand known for affordable supports and braces. A name that even the top athletes in the world trust, Muller’s Fitter wrist brace is meant for your right hand, but you’ll be able to find left-hand options as well.

This brace is simple to use, yet supportive and comfortable.

The brace uses new green technology and fits snug around the wrist. A metal brace is sewn into the brace near the palm area to keep the wrist in proper alignment, and provide much-needed support to the wearer.

Whether you have carpel tunnel syndrome or you’re nursing an injury, Muller is the right choice for you. This brace fits comfortably (make sure to choose the right size) and offers maximum support with a breathable material.


Wellgate for Women PerfectFit2. Wellgate for Women PerfectFit

Wellgate for Women provides a wrist support that is meant for strains, pain and carpal tunnel. This brace is one of the best for women due to the super-soft, memory foam material.

This brace is designed to be small and sleek while fitting perfectly under any garment.

Ideal for sleep, computer use and everyday use, this brace has over 1000+ positive reviews, and is one of the best on the market. It’s also very affordable.

Weighing just 2.4 ounces, you won’t even realize that you have a brace on until you notice that you’re no longer in pain.


Futuro Moderate Stabilizing Support3. Futuro Moderate Stabilizing Support

Futuro offers an adjustable, reversible support / splint wrist brace. Rated as a moderate support and stability brace, the latex-free, breathable material is both durable and lightweight.

Users that have experienced braces that don’t offer true size customization will love this Futuro product.

Three hooks and loops allow you to adjust the fit to your wrist’s needs. It’s simple and easy.

Sore and aching muscles are relieved while the brace provides enough support to ensure no further injury is sustained, it also has enough give to allow you to perform everyday tasks with ease.

The only issue with this brace is that the Velcro will eventually lose its strength.price
Bracoo Breathable Wrist Splint

4. Bracoo Breathable Wrist Splint

Bracoo provides one of the best split options on our list. A one-size-fits-all brace, this model will fit people with wrists up to 11” in circumference.

What really makes this brace / split combo so impressive is that it comes with a pre-shaped metal stabilization that ensures proper wrist alignment and support at all times.

You can remove the splint portion for less severe injuries, and more flexibility and movement.

Essentially, a two-in-one support combo, this is a great all-around product that can be used for everything from acute injuries to sprains and even carpal tunnel syndrome. This model uses neoprene material and can be washed by hand.


5. Mueller Wrist Brace With Split

An add-on item that is so affordable, it had to be added to our list. This model comes with stabilization support, but that isn’t all. There is a splint included that can be removed or inserted into the brace to provide full immobilization of the wrist.

Splints work best when further wrist movement can add to an injury.

Using adjustable tabs, the brace wraps around the hand and goes up to the middle of the palm. Lightweight and comfortable, this split and brace design comes in beige and black colors.


6. Best Carpal Tunnel Brace – M BRACE RCA

M BRACE RCAThis brace is heavy-duty and is unlike any other brace on our list. What makes this “support” different is that it wraps only around the wrist joint to minimize pain while helping the wrist heal in the process.

The patented design supports the wrists while allowing full finger movement.

You’ll be able to perform all of your work activities and functions with the M BRACE while still getting the support you need for carpal tunnel syndrome.

What many users really like about this product is that it looks more like a watch than a wrist brace, lessening the number of people asking them why they’re now wearing a brace.

M BRACE is also extremely comfortable to wear and is lightweight.

If you need full mobility while needing added support to alleviate pain, you have to try this brace for yourself.


7. ProCare Quick-Fit II

ProCare Quick-Fit II

A new release that we were excited to try. This brace is selling out fast and is a one-size-fits-most design with an x-large option for larger users. Considered a wrist arthrosis, this brace is perfect for wrist and hand injuries alike and is designed with a pull lace to adjust the brace properly.

Comfort is provided by the nylon/foam laminate while the dorsal stay pod can be added or removed to restrict the mobility of the wrist or allow mobility.

Allowing for a proper anatomical fit, this brace offers full finger dexterity with the utmost in support.

Note: This brace is larger than most other models, but it offers added support and cushioning.


ACE Deluxe8. ACE Deluxe

Available in small/medium and large/extra-large size options, the ACE Deluxe is backed by 100+ rave reviews. What makes this brace perfect for anyone seeking wrist support is the use of the triple strap system that allows for maximum comfort.

The product also allows the user to adjust the size of the brace to their wrist.

The palm is cushioned, and there is a contoured split added for increased stability and immobilization.

A unique feature of this brace is the neoprene material used. What this material does is resist odors and increase blood circulation to the body.

Ultimately, blood circulation will aid in the healing process while the added heat retention will reduce swelling.

The ACE Deluxe wrist brace is the perfect choice for any and all wrist injuries.


All of these braces and splints will provide much-needed wrist support and promote healing. If pain intensifies or your wrist is not properly healing, always consult with a medical professional to have a thorough examination. In some cases, surgery may be needed for carpal tunnel and acute injuries.

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Ultimate Buyers Guide for Wrist Braces and Wrist Supports.

If you have recently sustained an injury to your hand or wrist, or you have a long-term recurring ailment in this area, the chances are you may be looking into buying a wrist brace. Wrist braces offer much-needed support that can alleviate your symptoms, aid recovery and ultimately help you back to your normal life.

This ultimate buyer’s guide for wrist braces and supports is designed to help you research the available options and choose the one that suits you best. We explain the different types of wrist support, how they could benefit you personally and what to look for when making your decision.

It is always important to contact a medical professional in an emergency, but this guide can help you with the research and discovery process if you already know you need a wrist brace.

What are wrist braces?

Wrist braces are tight supports that are developed to keep the wrist held in a particular position for health reasons. There are several different types of wrist supports available to buy, each suited for a different type of injury and offering varying degrees of support for the hand and wrist.

The different types of wrist brace

Standard wrist supports and splints are used primarily for the rehabilitation of injuries – either acute injuries sustained through sports or taking a fall, or chronic ailments that have developed and persisted over an extended period of time. These braces are designed to support and protect the wrist, to reduce swelling and to help during the healing process.

There are similar wrist supports designed specifically to help sufferers of repetitive strain injuries (RSI). As the name suggests, these injuries develop over time by repeating the same or similar actions (often from playing sport or from working on a computer for long hours every day). RSI braces reduce symptoms and relieve pressure and pain in the wrist by keeping the wrist and hand held in a neutral position.

Sports wrist braces can be worn while playing sports, such as tennis and cricket, that can be particularly straining on the wrists and hands. Sports wrist supports protect this vulnerable area to prevent injuries, and they can also be used to speed up recovery when the user is required to keep playing through an injury.

Postoperative braces are suited to people who have recently had surgery on their wrists, possibly as a result of a fracture or carpal tunnel syndrome. Such braces are often bulkier and sturdier than other lightweight wrist braces, which makes them more supportive but ultimately less flexible for use in everyday life.

Why might you need a wrist brace or support?

Wrist braces are primarily used to alleviate pain and aid recovery after you’ve sustained an injury from repetitive strain, sports or an accident.

They complement traditional medicines by helping to support the wrist and reduce any stress on injuries, usually by restricting movement in the wrist joint, while also allowing users to continue their everyday activities in life without too much inconvenience.

Wrist supports are worn for a variety of different ailments, including but not limited to:

  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) from work or sport activities
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sprained joints

How to put on a wrist support

Wrist braces should fit snugly around the whole wrist in a neutral position. A loop normally wraps around the thumb to keep the brace in place and present it from slipping – this is essential as one of the main functions of a wrist support is to restrict movement (and therefore aid recovery).

The brace is usually held in place by small hooks or Velcro straps, making it easy to be tightened, loosened or otherwise adjusted by the user whenever required.

What to look for when buying a wrist support

There are many different models of wrist support available on the market, which can make it difficult to know which model to choose for you personally. To help you make a decision, you might like to consider all of the following when narrowing down your options:

How much padding do you need?

More internal padding means more comfort and theoretically more support for the wrist. However, it also means less flexibility and movement – so you might require less padding if you have a milder injury or will continue to use your affected wrist regularly in everyday life.

How breathable is the wrist brace?

The internal padding in wrists supports is usually constructed out of cotton, suede, cotton blends or polyester. Although each material offers its own advantages, some are more breathable than others. If you will be wearing your brace over the warmer months or wearing it while playing sport you may want a more breathable material.

How is the air flow?

Some supports have air holes or vents to help air flow to the wrist. This can reduce discomfort caused by heat or sweating. Again, this is a necessity if wearing your wrist support over the summer or in hot climates.

How does it look?

Although not as important as the practical and functional aspects of the design, you should consider whether a wrist brace looks appealing if it is going to be worn every day.

How does the brace attach to the wrist?

Wrist supports usually have hooks or Velcro straps. The number of straps usually varies between one and three, with more straps providing extra support and a snugger fit while compromising on maneuverability.

What size is the brace?

Many braces come as ‘one size fits all’. This may be fine for people of an average size, but for those with particularly large or small wrists and arms something more personalised may be required to ensure the proper support is given.

How much does the wrist support cost?

Wrist braces come in all shapes and sizes with different price tags to match. How much money are you willing to spend – are you happy with a ‘cheap and cheerful’ model or are you prepared to potentially pay more for a superior quality product?

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