7 Popular Kneeling Chairs Worth Your Money

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Kneeling chairs have been shown to provide the utmost in comfort while allowing you to sit upright on your knees. Not only does this provide major health benefits, but kneeling also helps keep your back strong and has been shown to increase focus and productivity.

Not to mention, these chairs are very fun and come at a very affordable price.

Let’s take a look at the 7 most popular products that are definitely worth your money.

Want to skip the detailed reviews and go straight to the list? Check it out:

1. Flash Furniture WL-SB-210-GG

Flash Furniture WL-SB-210-GGThe WL-SB-210-GG is not just the absolute best kneeling chair on the market, it is the best-selling chair on all of Amazon and has more than 270 reviews.

For the cost, this one not only beats out other models in comfort and durability, but it destroys them in price.

The product’s height is 24 inches and the width is just 17.5 inches. The frame is made of very strong, natural wood, which allows for the perfect balanced feeling when sitting.

The seat and knee rest are both thickly padded and have black upholstery. The height is adjustable and can be adjusted by hand. Dual wheel casters allow it to easily glide across carpet, and a total weight capacity of 200 pounds is given.


2. Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with Casters

Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with CastersOffice Star is a lesser-known company that created one of the top products in the world. This model is ergonomic, so it fits perfectly with the contour of your body. There are over 100, 4 star reviews given, making this a highly recommended and affordable chair.

The one gripe that buyers seem to have is the shipping rate. This is a lot, but it still keeps it at a reasonable price, which is great considering its features.

A beautiful black finish is seen with wheels that make it easy to move around the office. The major selling point of this model is that the seat cushion is made from memory foam. This is a very comfortable material that allows you to kneel all day without any aches or pain.


3. Variable Furniture Balans the Original Kneeling Chair

Variable Furniture Balans the Original Kneeling ChairPossibly the best looking one on the market, Varier Furniture has created the Variable Furniture Balans in an attempt to make the best kneeling chair on the market. With a 4.5 star rating, consumers have rated this product as one of the best.

What makes this product different? It is made out of beech wood and wool fabric. Not only is this one sturdy, but the fabric is very soft and allows for prolonged sitting without any issue.

Weighing just 13 pounds, the lack of wheels will not be an issue.

There is a limit of 113KG that a person can weigh when using this chair and the height is 20”.  This is a high-end product that is meant for the confident buyer who is not afraid to spend a little more to buy one that is durable, comfortable and has lasted some users over 20 years. It is a fantastic build that will be worth every penny.


4. BetterPosture SOLACE PLUS Kneeling Chair

BetterPosture SOLACE PLUS Kneeling ChairCorrect posture is important and with a name like BetterPosture SOLACE, this one has to work great for posture. Thankfully, it holds true to its name and enforces good posture through kneeling. If you are hunched over all day at work and wonder why you are in pain, you need to give a kneeling chair a try.

The cushioning provided is memory foam, which adds enhanced comfort. There is an optional back that can be added for anyone that wants the best of both worlds all in one chair.

The height is adjustable between 22 and 27 inches, and the five-spoke base does have wheels for easy transport.

This is a mid-ranged product that provides the possibility of acting as a regular and all-in-one.


5. Jobri Grey Jazzy Chrome Deluxe Kneeling Chair

Jobri Grey Jazzy Chrome Deluxe Kneeling ChairThis snazzy looking chair comes packed with durability and is one of the lesser-known kneelers on the market. Jobri offers a sleek grey cushioning that will match any office perfectly along with chrome accents that are very appealing.

Assembly takes all of 20 – 25 minutes and adjusting is done with the lever found under the right side of the seat.

The cushioning provided is more than adequate and the chair forces a proper upright position that users will love. This product  is the perfect addition to any office but does come at a higher price.


6. Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair

Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture ChairMade from wood and with a blue padded fabric, this one is both aesthetically pleasing and very durable.

The Mobile is a little different than its competitors thanks to its unique back. Users can recline the back to sit, lay or kneel when working.

The height is also adjustable. While the manufacturer does state that this chair can be “sat” in, this is really not a viable option due to the slight tilt seen.

Users have raved about the durability of this model with many using it for several years without any issues.

The only minor complaint is that those with smaller legs may have an issue kneeling comfortably in this chair.


7. Flash Furniture WL-1429-GG

Flash Furniture WL-1429-GG Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Another Flash Furniture model that makes it on our top list, the WL-1429-GG comes at a very low cost and has the added benefit of seat handles.

This one has an adjustable metal frame that is both durable and lightweight.

There are no wheels present, but this model is much lighter and can be easily moved if needed.

The height is adjustable and the black polyester fabric is comfortable and appealing. Foam is used for cushioning so it is sturdy, yet not hard on the knees.


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