7 Best Ankle Braces to Support You

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Sports injuries and age often lead to ankle pain and discomfort. When your daily activities become hindered because of your ankle, it is time to consider using an ankle brace. These braces are meant to provide the utmost in flexibility and range of motion while providing the support your foot needs to remain stabilized at all times.

We have compiled a list of the 7 best brace options available and will discuss the main reasons each brace has been included within our list.

1. Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support

ankle brace 1Simple, affordable and effective, the Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support allows for full range of motion while providing support for tendons and joints.

Ankle pains are often brought on by lack of support and protection. Bracoo attempts to eliminate both with this contour designed model.

Made from Neoprene, the brace speeds up healing by locking in your body’s natural heat. At the same time, it is designed to be breathable so that users who are playing sports will not get athletes foot from using the brace.

Sizes up to a man’s 11 are seen, and the heel is left open for a better overall fit.

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2. ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

ankle brace 2ASO is a leader in ankle orthosis and the ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis is a moderately priced model that provides great support.

Figure-eight straps provide the much needed support and will ultimately lead to the compression and pain relief seen with this ASO model.

Low profile, this orthosis will fit in any type of shoe and uses secure laces to provide further support. The brace is manufactured so that it can easily fit both left and right feet.

Two color options are available, white and black, as well as sizes ranging from XXSmall – XXXLarge. Ballistic nylon is used on the boot. ASO braces are seen in the NCAA tournament and is the choice brace by 55 out of 65 participating colleges.

For superior support, full range of motion and a comfortable fit, ASO is highly recommended.

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ankle brace 33. McDavid Ankle with Strap

The Ankle with Strap is extremely durable and comes with 6 straps and laces. This lightweight solution provides protection and support through the use of a vinyl shell and steel stays.

Users that are very active will find the support provided to be more than adequate.

This model is meant to mimic professional taping and is graded as providing maximum support for serious injuries and instabilities.

While users always note a snug fit, the tongue of the item is well ventilated to eliminate excess sweating.

The heel is elastic which adds to the overall comfort felt and arch support is also provided.

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4. Zensah Ankle Support

A simple, yet functional choice in ankle support, the Zensah Ankle Support comes in a variety of colors for the fashion conscience buyer and two size ranges. Made of Nylon and Spandex, the support provided is ideal for lower pain injuries as it provides compression support to reduce swelling and add to the wearer’s overall comfort.

Easy to wash, this item is both breathable and allows for full range of motion.

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5. McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace

ankle brace 6Number 5 on our list is the second of three McDavid options mentioned. Available in both black and white, the McDavid Lightweight is fashionable, yet very different than the other braces mentioned. XX-small – X-large sizes are available.

The uniqueness of this brace comes from its lace adjustments that are just like those seen on an everyday shoe. This allows for a very tight fit.

There are spring steel stays within the side of the brace to provide immense support, and there is even arch support sewn into the bottom of the brace. Used by athletes and trainers, this model is rated at level 3 protection.

This McDavid model is perfect for:

  • Superior protection
  • Moderate and higher support needs
  • Moderate and higher pain needs

For serious injuries, this left or right ankle-fitting brace is the only option to consider. While its price is higher than most other models mentioned, it is superior in the support that it provides.

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ankle brace 616. McDavid Elastic Ankle Brace

McDavid’s final addition to this list. The Elastic Ankle Brace is simple in nature but highly effective. This brace uses elastic material and is meant for general pain and support.

While not adjustable, there are 4 sizes to choose from that will all provide support for a range of shoe sizes.

When wearers step into this brace, the heat retention along with the compression allow for faster healing and support when walking. This model fits both left and right ankles with ease.

Because the brace is thin, you can wear it in shoes, and the level of comfort provided allows for extended use with no discomfort felt.

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7. MUELLER Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

ankle brace 7One of the most affordable options available. MUELLER produces a range of braces, and the Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer is a very impressive option that provides comfort and support.

Made from Neoprene, this brace ensures heat is kept inside to further promote healing and has 8 straps for precise compression by the user.

This model will fit sizes 6 – 15 for women and 4.5 to 14 for men. Lateral support is provided so that rolling of the ankle never occurs, and this model easily fits within most shoes.

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