6 Best Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables

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Teeter Hang Ups is the leading manufacturer of inversion tables. The company is well-known for their innovative features, quality products and exceptional prices.

Teeter Hang Ups has also been featured all over television and has helped the company propel itself right into the forefront of the industry.

Let’s uncover which 6 models are the best.

Top 4 Teeter Inversion Tables for 2019

  1. Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2019 Model
  2. Teeter FitSpine X-Series Inversion Table, 2019 Model
  3. Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table
  4. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

1. EP-560 Ltd

6 Best Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables


The EP-560 Ltd is the premiere inversion table offered and is sold directly from Teeter. This table has had over 200+ reviews so far and comes in at a 4.5 star rating. With a price of around $4xx, this is an exceptional buy that keeps getting better once you examine its features.


  • Acupressure nodes
  • Ergo-embrace ankle cups
  • Easy grip hands
  • 90 percent assembled
  • 300-lb rated
  • DVD bonus included

This model ships at a weight of 65 pounds and comes with a 5-year warranty. The build is very sturdy, and users of up to 6’1’ have stated that they have no issue fitting on this table.

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2. EP-560

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table


The EP-560, not the Ltd version, is slightly cheaper, but comes with a lot of the same great features as our number 1 pick. With a 4.5 star rating and 60+ positive reviews, this model is a great choice for anyone trying to save some money and does not want to purchase the Ltd version.


  • ComforTrak Bed
  • Track design with acupressure node ready assembly (not included)
  • Inversion grips
  • Easy adjustment up to 6’6” for tall users
  • Weight limit of 300-lbs
  • Instructional DVD

This model is small in size and comes with very comfortable ankle supports. There is a dial to control the ankle support for larger and smaller feet. The bottom has rubber supports so that the table will not move even when on a hardwood flooring or a similar surface.

Users rave about this product’s superb quality and its ability to really ease a person’s back pain.

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3. EP-960


The EP-960 is the most advanced model included in our list and only comes in at number 3 because it is newer and is offered at a higher price. This, however, has not stopped 115 customers from rating this inversion table a perfect 5-star rating. If you are a consumer, you will realize just how big of a feat a perfect rating is for any product on the market.

The EP-960 comes with a slew of features that will make inversion therapy much easier to begin.


  • E-Z reach ankle system
  • Handles
  • Tether controlled to 20, 40 or 60 degrees
  • ComforTrak bed
  • Acupressure and lumbar bridge ready
  • Healthy back routine DVD
  • 5-year warranty

Joint and bone health as well as increased flexibility is what this table offers. The best part is that there is precision balancing seen so that users can enter into the inverted position quickly and easily. When compared to other brands and models, the EP-960 destroyed the competition in quality, comfort and safety.

The added DVD is great for assembly and teaches you 5 healthy back routines to follow.

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4. EP-950


A premium inversion table that is durable and affordable. The EP-950 is currently mid-priced and has a 4.5 star rating with over 300 customer reviews. What makes this table stand out from the rest? Let’s take a look.


  • Flex technology
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Tether strap for easy angle adjustment
  • Ratchet ankle lock system
  • Height range of 4’8 – 6’6”
  • Weight of 74 pounds

From start to finish, this table has the user in mind. The ankle lock system is far more comfortable than other tables and the easy ankle tethering is perfect when trying to adjust the table to your liking. Users can also choose between 20, 40 and 60 degree options.

This model can easily fold away and the main selling point is the Flex back. This allows for a further stretch and really provides the utmost in inversion benefits.

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5. EP-550 Sport

The EP-550 Sport makes our list at number 5, and this is not because of functionality. This model’s higher price drops it slightly on our list, but this does not mean it is not worth every penny. In fact, this model may be our favorite in terms of comfort.


  • Flex Technology
  • Injection-molded design
  • Teeter gravity boots
  • Traction handles
  • Adjustable foot platform
  • Adjustable pillow
  • EZ tether strap

Within 20 minutes, you can unbox and assemble this model to your preference. Once assembled, you can adjust the pillow, height and foot platform to the perfect fit for you. Now, it is time to invert. There is even a heated pillow that can be used.

Gravity boots are included that reduce the pain often felt in the ankles when inverting and truly provides a great experience. The flex back is ergonomic and will flex further than other tables to provide the ultimate stretch at all times.

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6. EP-550


The EP-550 inversion therapy table reduces back pain and improves posture greatly. This is a steal when compared to other tables on the market. The 550 comes with 240 customer reviews and makes number 6 on our list with another impressive 4.5 star rating.


  • Flex Technology back
  • Adjustable foot rests with 2 settings
  • Adjustable pillow
  • Tether strap
  • 300-lb user capacity
  • 5 year warranty

Like with all Teeter Hang Ups models, users can easily adjust the angle of their inversion so that they can get used to the position. The tether strap makes this a breeze and will allow for full control over your inversion degree. The foot rests are very comfortable, and two settings more than suffice for most users.

The real benefit to this table, as seen in our previous review, is the Flex Technology back. When inverted, users will feel a much better stretch over what other models provide.

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Inversion Therapy Basics

Inversion therapy is a process wherein a person lays on a table and attempts to change the gravitational force on the body’s bones. When you stand up, gravity is continually pulling down on your bones causing them to rub together, compress and never stretch.

Inversion therapy utilizes gravity to undo this stress by literally turning a person upside down. When in a 90 degree position, gravity will be working in the opposite direction. This allows the body to heal faster when bone or disc problems are present.

Imagine your vertebra being compressed. This is an ailment that causes people to suffer in immense pain. As your vertebra stays in this position, the pain worsens and you may be prescribed a steroid to help with the swelling and healing process. Over time, the compression comes to an end and the pain has finally subsided. So what causes this to take so long to heal? Gravity.

Every moment of the day there is a 100 percent pressure on your spinal column. If you have an injury, this pressure still exists and will stay there for quite some time.

When inverted, the pressure is 0 percent and will actually go into the negative range in some cases. This allows for a slight pulling apart of the vertebra which will not be felt or be painful, but actually releases the pressure felt on the vertebra.

Inversion therapies work in this way so that gravity does all of the work. All that you literally have to do is get into this position and the rest is done by nature.

How an Inversion Table Can Help

Over 2,300 years ago, the first documentation of this therapy can be found. What occurs is that the pressure on the bones is reversed, but also, the blood in the body flows differently. This allows for muscles to be filled with blood easier, alleviates pains and even helps the organs flush out toxins.

There is much debate on how long a person can stay inverted, but it seems to be done on a per-person basis. Even 10 minutes a day has shown to be very beneficial. These tables can help a person with the following:

  • Back Pains: The number one reason for purchasing this product. People with back pain have found relief through inversion tables and the relief has been studied time and time again. What occurs is the pressure is relieved, allowing the back to find relief. Everything from disc compression to muscle strains have been relieved using this method.
  • Joint PainsArthritis and joint pain can be greatly reduced when inverted. The blood flow and relief of pressure on the joints provides near immediate relief without the use of medications.
  • Muscle Repair: Muscles repair and grow when blood is pumped into them and oxygen flows freely. When upside down, you will be causing blood to flow into your organs and muscles in an atypical manner. This allows for muscle growth and repair to occur much faster and is the main reason why professional athletes use these tables routinely.
  • Organ Health: The body is filled with toxins that make it perform less than adequately. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to flush these toxins out of the organs. When inverted, the blood is forced to cycle out of the organs allowing your body to be less filled with toxins.

How Inversion Tables Work

Inversion tables come either motorized or with manual operation options. The latter is the norm and is the least expensive option to choose from. Depending on the model chosen, there may be a few features that are not listed below, but the same general functionality will exist.

  1. The user stands on the table in an upright position and straps their ankles into a holder.
  2. The user leans back as the table begins to invert.
  3. The user chooses the degree setting they want (if applicable).
  4. The user eventually works their way up to a full 90 degree angle where they will be upside down.

Typically, you will be standing in a leaning position when applying the straps and will need to unlock the table so that you can lean back. The goal is to not go to a full 90 degree angle until your body is used to the positioning. If you do go too far too fast, you can expect to get very dizzy, lightheaded and maybe even nauseous.

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