5 Most Popular Tennis Elbow Braces Out There

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Band It Elbow SupportTennis elbow can be very painful and debilitating when not properly treated. While you can rest your elbow and find some relief, activities that you enjoy doing every day can become nearly impossible when pain flares up.

Tennis elbow braces are affordable and provide your elbow with the support it needs to, first, heal and, second, reduce pain when engaging in activities you love.

We have selected the 5 most popular braces on the market today. These braces have been dubbed as the solution to Lateral Epicondylitis by users and will work wonders from the moment you slide them on.

Want to skip the detailed reviews and go straight to the list? Check it out:

1. Mueller Hg80 Tennis Elbow Brace

Mueller Hg80 Tennis Elbow BraceFrom knee braces to elbow braces, Mueller has it all. The Hg80 is an amazing solution that comes backed with hundreds of user reviews and is so affordable that you simply cannot try it. This braces provides the following:

  • Compression to alleviate pain felt in the elbow and reduce swelling
  • Lightweight and latex-free to provide the utmost in support without even noticing you are wearing it
  • Antimicrobial barrier that ensures odors are eliminated and bacteria never grows

This is by far the simplest solution. Simply place the brace under the elbow joint and tighten. This item can be worn under clothes and the black color makes it fashionable when worn.


2. Bracoo Tennis/golf Elbow Strap with EVA Pad

Bracoo Tennis golf Elbow Strap with EVA PadBracoo is well-known for their comfortable braces and provides a patented solution to anyone that suffers from Lateral Epicondylitis. This brace has over 80 reviews and provides the following:

  • Controlled compression
  • Relief from pain
  • An adjustable fit that conforms perfectly to the user’s elbow
  • An adjustable fit for elbows between 7.5” and 11.5”.
  • Velcro strap that allows for easy adjusting
  • EVA pad that is patented and reduces pain and fatigue even further

The brace comes in a nice, light grey color that can be worn with virtually any ensemble. By providing precise compression, this brace allows elbow pain to be reduced greatly from the moment it is worn.


Mueller Tennis Elbow W Gel Pad3. Mueller Tennis Elbow W/Gel Pad

Another great solution by Mueller. This one size fits all model comes in a 1 or 2 pack and is perfect for anyone suffering from severe elbow pains.

Filled with gel, this model is extremely comfortable, yet it provides the support needed to play tennis, golf or other sports without immense pain. Made from latex-free material, irritation and sweating often seen with elbow braces is eliminated.

This brace is backed by over 80 positive reviews and:

  • Reduces elbow pains
  • Allows for the utmost comfort when worn
  • Can be used all-day without worry
  • Provides pain relief almost immediately
  • Gel is used to further provide support and comfort

This is a one size fits all solution that can be easily tightened to your desired size.


4. Zensah Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeves

Zensah Compression Tennis Elbow SleevesThe most stylish of all the braces listed, the Zensah Compression brace is meant specifically for Lateral Epicondylitis and is very fashionable.

Made with 90 percent nylon and 10 percent spandex, the brace fits like a glove, provides great support and is very lightweight. Users will enjoy:

  • Targeted compression that enhances healing, reduces pain and eliminates swelling
  • Forearm support thanks to ribbing texture
  • A very lightweight solution

Being very thin, this brace can be comfortably worn underneath dress shirts or any shirt with a medium to full sleeve. The black color allows for you to even wear a short sleeve black shirt with the brace simply looking like an extended sleeve. Sizes small, medium and large are available.


5. Band-It Elbow Support

Band It Elbow SupportThe Band-It Elbow Support brace does not dub itself as a brace for tennis elbow, but it definitely works well. Rated 5 stars with dozens of reviews, one thing is clear: This brace works extremely well for all types of elbow-related pains. Users that golf and bowl have noted immediate relief after using the brace and have given it rave reviews.

The brace:

  • Can be worn at all times without restricting blood flow
  • Reduces pains from tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fits users with an elbow circumference of up to 14 inches

A white exterior with black straps make this brace stylish and practical when engaging in sports or other activities. The light weight and comfort felt when wearing this model are exceptional and allow it to be worn nicely under your sleeves.


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